The Dead Season - Extended Edition Art Darker PurpleYou read that right…FREE.  Nekropolis’ debut CD is out of print, but they have just re-released it as a digital download on Bandcamp for FREE with all the intros included and a PDF booklet with lyrics.  You can also get it from the Nekropolis Facebook page.  Just click on the Name Your Price link and leave it at all zeros.  Nothing to it.  The re-release also includes all new high resolution artwork so you definitely need to check it out.


Looking Glass coverRustmouth announced today they have released a new single, “Looking Glass,” via their web site and Bandcamp for free download.  The song is also available for streaming below.  Rustmouth has plans to release a new album soon and this will be the first single in advance.

“Yes, we just keep recording, and the beasts are coming fast and furious,” the band’s press release stated.  “We have 8 songs completed now with only vocals to go. These are some strong, melodic, angry tunes people! Drop us a line and let us know what you think of Looking Glass. Stay tuned for more awesomeness.”

Nekropolis, known for their conceptual album releases, have decided to release an Extended Edition of their debut CD, “The Dead Season.”  Originally released in 2007, the album tells the story of one man’s suicide and his sorrowful descent into Purgatory where he meets the devil himself, who has bigger plans for his newly collected soul.

The band’s’ live shows include a voice over intro for every song to help tell the overall story.  For the Extended Edition, these intros will be included with every track to aid in the story telling.  “The Dead Season” has also been re-mastered for an overall better quality sound.   “The Dead Season” Extended Edition will be available in February of 2013.

Apparently these guys just don’t quit.  Rustmouth has three new songs nearly ready and intend to write a couple more for a possible EP.  Fresh off the release of their self-titled debut CD, Rustmouth has garnered quite a positive response.  Dead House can’t wait to hear the new stuff!

The symphonic death metal band, Kharybids, has posted rough mixes of two new songs on SoundCloud.  The songs can be heard below.  These are the first titles even being mentioned from “The Infinite Sea.”  To be honest, we’re not even sure if these titles are working titles or not.  These guys are too secretive!  For now, enjoy what you can.  More to follow.

I’m not sure where the Nekropolis “reuinion” talk is coming from.  Nekropolis has NOT broken up.  In fact, they are in We’re Not Worthey Street Studios recording an EP tentatively called “Years of Extermination.”  They do have a weird writing process so as they’re in the studio they are creating the songs.  It does take them a lot longer to release albums so perhaps that’s where the rumors came from?

We’ve been getting some questions about live dates and yes, it sounds like Nekropolis will indeed hit the stage again but not before the new EP is complete.  The new material is ridiculous in complexity and scope, and as usual they are telling another conceptual story like in The Dead Season and The Vow of Vengeance.  So, stay tuned for that one.

Also, Kharybdis is STILL in the studio.  Yes, this project has been years in the making and it has been a slow process, but the material is quite different than most of the stuff on the Dead House label.  Five songs are complete now and they are expecting 3 or 4 more before it’s done.  The concept is a good one, and as many of you know the album will be called The Infinite Sea.  Stay tuned for that as more info comes available.

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All things Rustmouth

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Music, Rustmouth

So, where to begin?  Rustmouth has a new web site.  It’s very cool, and you should definitely check it out.  Their debut CD is now available, not only on their site but at several online outlets.  For instance, the self-titled CD is available at CDBaby, iTunes, AmazonGoogle Play, BandCamp, and eMusic.  You can also listen to it completely at  It will be available at more online outlets soon, so stay tuned for that info when it comes available.

Also, if you haven’t, you should go like Rustmouth on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

One way or another, go pick up Rustmouth’s debut CD, you will NOT be disappointed.